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How to Get a Bank Loan: Remember “The Five C’s of Credit”

by Leon J. Owens Your bank is a lender, not an investor. They don’t want to own any part of your business; they just want their money back with interest. Before any bank will provide a loan, they need to understand the risks you and your enterprise pose as a borrower. Your job is to give them credible assurance that…
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Whatever You Do…Don’t Make These Five Business Mistakes

They didn’t call the movie “Risky Business” by accident. All business operations involve some degree of risk…and sometimes that risk turns on you and your company faces serious financial problems. It happens. Many owners, officers, and managers often overreact, act in haste, or make one of these 5 major mistakes because they: Refuse to radically reduce overhead. (Get rid of…
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FAQs of ABC vs. Bankruptcy

The difference between Bankruptcy and Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors can be confusing and raise questions.  Here are the most common areas of confusion: 1. What are the advantages of the ABC (assignment for benefit of creditors) over a simple bankruptcy? The General ABC is faster and less expensive ABCs can generate greater asset values and subsequent recoveries for creditors Business…
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The Best Teacher is Experience

The MGM Studios Auction: An Education in Business Practices, Principles, and Ethics by Leon J. Owens My introduction into the business world was truly a graduate course in best business practices, principles, and ethics. The year was 1969, and I was recovering from a concussion, forced to take a year off from law school. It was the same year that “master auctioneer”…
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Three Keys to Closing Deals

Just as the adage “many are called but few are chosen”, it’s also true that starting a negotiation is no guarantee of a successful closing. Every successful business transaction requires a level of give-and-take among satisfied parties. This is not always easy to achieve, but here at Real Estate Matters, we believe in three primary keys to helping our clients achieve…
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Core Business Values That Create Success

When Real Estate Matters goes to work for you in pursuit of your business success, we work with you in a position of mutual confidentiality and trust by way of our core business values. We become your trusted advisor. We step into your shoes and work on your behalf with third parties at all levels. Our unwavering loyalty to your business objectives goes hand-in-hand with adherence to core…
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