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real estate consulting

Real Estate Investing: “The Five W’s”

by Leon J. Owens It’s all about rational decision-making. I first became involved in the world of real estate investing right out of law school. At the time, “location-location-location” was the value mantra promoted by professionals on every side of a deal. Sellers priced properties based upon local area “comps,” lenders considered street addresses and zip codes as the only true…
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pillars of investment

Seeking Investment Capital? You Need to Know “The Four Pillars”

by Leon J. Owens When looking for business funding, it’s important to know what the scale of your business truly is, and to understand the pros and cons of both “traditional” loans and of equity investments in your business. First, ask yourself a fundamental question: Are you primarily focused upon turning enough of a profit to sustain a reasonable income…
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