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David P. Yaffe

The receiver has done a commendable job in successfully operating a restaurant business that the parties to the action had all but destroyed by many months of open warfare between them and repeated attempts by each to get the court to exclude the other from the partnership business. The receiver’s task was made even more difficult by repeated attempts by the plaintiff at whose behest he was appointed, to interfere with his administration of the restaurant business. The expenditures made by the receiver are reasonable and proper, and the objections to them by the parties are without merit.

— Honorable David P. Yaffe, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles
los angeles superior court

Without the effort and the work of Mr. Owens, I don’t believe that this matter would have ever been resolved. He was brought into a difficult situation, the genesis of which basically was in a very bitter divorce proceeding of which they had no responsibility. They have successfully achieved the sale of the piece of property and there may be some money left over after the sale of the property to pay some people.

— Honorable C. Edward Simpson, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles
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