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success in business

Seven Commandments for Business Success

by Leon J. Owens Nobody likes rules. They tell us to do things that might not come naturally, or that are simply “hard” to do. But follow these simple rules and you’ll be moving closer to achieving business success. In business, what we want—what is essential for survival—is a level of success over the long haul. Yes, business is full…
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business consultants

Wanted for Killing Business: Bad Managers

by Leon J. Owens As a “seasoned” consultant with decades of  experience dealing with business managers, I’m frequently confronted by desperate business owners wringing their hands muttering “I don’t know what went wrong.” When a business is headed toward catastrophic failure, there are a number of possible reasons, including general economic downturns (remember 2008?), disruptive technologies (anyone used The Yellow…
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