Welcome to Real Estate Matters

Our passion is real estate. At our core, we are real estate developers who know how to consult with real estate owners, lenders and creditors. We don’t just diagnose problems. We are here to provide the remedy and function optimally when we can be hands-on.

When you have challenges with acquisition, entitlement, cash flow, project management, or operational problems, give us a call. We can help.

Our years of experience in a wide range of real estate/ business operations from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations–dealing with real estate, professional services, retail, investment, and media enterprises–have earned us our reputation as “the kind of people you can talk to.”

Every situation is unique and we will approach yours with nimble, creative, and sound strategies.

Leon J. Owens financial consultant business

Real Estate Matters was formed by Leon J. Owens as a natural outgrowth of his years of experience in land and real estate development, construction, industrial, residential, and multi-unit properties, special assets, asset disposition and recovery, and management consultation. He has served a wide range of clients including MGM Studios, E. Auerbach Company, Bowmar Electronics, Electrospace Corp, Stephen Black (a division of RCA), Norris Industries, FarWest Savings and Loan, as well as dozens of privately-held enterprises.

A UCSB graduate with a J.D. from Loyola University School of Law, Leon’s academic and professional background–coupled with an engaging and collaborative personal style–make him the ideal “partner” in challenging as well as good times.

Real Estate Matters’ team includes Gwen C. Quinton, a seasoned professional with a strong background in business and account management, real estate sales and marketing, as well as strong back-office support skills. Gwen’s ability to professionally coordinate timely solutions and to manage client deadlines is a major operational strength at Real Estate Matters.

Real Estate and Business solutions are about working with people. You can only succeed if you’re with the right people.A simple phone call to Leon is the first step on your road to solving the problem.

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