Why Real Estate Matters?

Real Estate Matters is here for your business with professional solutions…

If you need meaningful professional solutions, if you need a strategy and answers to your business problems, only personalized senior-level attention can truly help.

handshakeAt Real Estate Matters., Leon Owens delivers that personal attention from Day One with a focus upon communication and collaboration.

Leon’s hands-on experience in multiple disciplines sets him apart from others who may call themselves “consultants”. With his knowledge of business and the law, Leon routinely manages business operations and has experience executing complex real estate and financial transactions.

Leon is your company’s trusted advisor when it needs a decision-maker, a skilled negotiator.  He has been brought on as a successor trustee or a non-family member who can facilitate confidential communications in the specific areas of will, trusts and family law as they may impact your business.LJOconference

Real Estate Matters‘s core principles of open, honest, and constant communication among all parties allow Leon and his team to connect all the dots and link all the players for a seamless transaction and solution.

It all starts with that first conversation…so contact us and let’s talk.




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